Even a child can count the accurate difference in word order...but let us nevertheless implore the following scholarly link to provide proof to other scholars that Paul's epistles are NOT arranged from largest to smallest. Bible Chapter Verse Word Count. Romans 9447 1 Corinthians 9489 * 2 Corinthians 6092 * Galations 3098 Ephesians 3039. One of the shortest book to read in the Bible is II John and III John.. Answer (1 of 10): The longest books in the New Testament are: three of the four gospels (Matthew, Luke, John), the Acts of the Apostles, and Revelation. The gospels, including the shorter Mark, all offer an account of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, as. Well, The Book of Obadiah typically gets credited as the shortest book, while Psalm 117 is considered the shortest chapter in English. The Old Testament contains more than twice the total number of words in the New Testament. And any bible that contains deuterocanonical literature has a much longer word count than a bible without it. Biblical Books.

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